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I'm still alive!!

I just wanted everyone to know that I am still alive and at Western and nothing terrible has happened to me except alcohol(which really isn't bad) and school work.

Ya...so that is all.


well I guess I've gotten addicted to myspace, but I guess I could update my livejournal. Lets see...

Well tomorrow I go to Western to register for classes. I'm majoring in theater there with minor in business I hope.

End of the month I have the play Brighton Beach Memoirs at Cornstock. Its June 23 - july 1.

Well...that's all. for now. I really have to finish my history paper.


So I'm struggling to put everything in before chicago tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to go but at the same time I am. I just have so much that needs to get done. I finished my paper though, I think its pretty good. Now all I have to do is cite my sources and finish that last journal entry. Whew. Its been a busy day. I just want to go to bed now. :(

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the great thing...

The great thing about my cat is she doen't care when I fart in her face. :)

I got a part in The Masque of Beauty and the Beast. It's one of the 3 female roles. The sister Dyspepsia, who is the whiney one. I think Robin's type casting..haha! I was so disappointed when Tessa came out to the parking lot where I was walking to my car and told me she got Beauty. I thought that meant I was gonna be a grotesque because I didn't think I did very well as the sisters. But I did it! I'm really happy Tessa got the part though. I just thought I'd mention that cause I think Tessa is gourgous!

Well I need to finish a paper by tomorrow night and I'm not even close to being done. :( I have to go and use my photography time to write more of it.

Chicago on Wednesday!!! but with out Greg cause he has call backs at Western :( grrrrrrr.

still procrastinating

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hey, I'd like to tell you a little story about how I procrasinated so much that I failed all of my classes...

wait, this broadcast is intrupted for this important announcement:


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..that is all..

so..what was I saying? oh ya, I forgot.

So I stole this from Shannon

I have so much to do this week. I don't know what strange power let me agree to working at the Northwoods Charlie's tomorrow, but I'm not looking forward to it. 8:30am till 2. Gah! I need to write a 1,000 word essay by Thursday. Not fun.

Good news. I might go see Rent again tonight, and I bought Phantom of the Opera tonight! YAY!

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the end

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mmm subject line....mmmm

Wow, what is this. I've been posting more and more since I've had time on my hands. I'm really depressed Greg is going to Western next semester. I'm going to be lost with out him. I really spend most of my time with him because he is my boyfriend and my best friend...no offense Kels. I really can't wait to go to college, I'm am in the process of going to look at colleges/filling out applications. So far my list is Western, Knox, Northern, Northwestern, St. Ambrose... and that's all I have so far. I'm iffy on Knox because the lady who was at ICC on college day said their tutition is more than Monmouth's which my parents said no I could not go to.

I'm really excited on November 16 I'm going with Greg to St. Louis to see Wicked!!!! Then the next day is my birthday (ahem if anyone didn't know), and I get to see Harry Potter at midnight!!! YAYAYA! Then that weekend my mother said we could go out for my birthday. I'm not sure where I want to go...I know I really like Alexanders cause they have my favorites: steak, all you can eat salad bar, and baked potatoes.

I found a new store today. I heard about it on the radio, its called Fluff. Its located next to Circut City in the Westlake plaza. I almost cried when I went inside. It had two walls full of purses, scarfs and jewelery!!! I recomend it for anyone who loves accessories. It is resonable price jewelery, a necklace was about 7 dollars. The purses were a little more expensive at like $30! Still I'm in love with it.

are carmel apples out of season yet?

Oct. 30th, 2005

YAYA! I'm updating!

Lets see. What has happened since I last posted.

Well....a month has past.

  • I have a hacking cough that won't go away.
  • Rocky was a blast this past weekend. Memorable quotes: "Bitches and hoes" - Brittany, "Look at my high heels!" - Greg, "OMG its Chip, marry me Chip! AHAHAH CHIP! Do me in the butt!" -me pretending to be one of Chips groupies.
  • I worked the Opera. Made some cool friends. Was bored out of my mind, but I got paid just to sit backstage!


Today was nice to sleep in and such. Greg and I also went to Apple Blossom Farm where we made out with goats and bought numerous apple goodies.

Stupid time change has left me discomboulated.

another update in 2 days! wha!!!

So I have a lot of time on my hands since the show has 4 days off. Man they feel good. After I got done with my classes today I was like YAY! I can go home! Which didn't happen cause people were like going out for food and I was like no I'm not gonna go and neither was Greg. Then at a stoplight on my way home Lindsay and Troy and Shannon and Julia all pull up next to me and were like we are going to Chilli's, come with us. Then they used their powers of seduction and hypnotic mind powers and made me come. So I went and had a salad and loaded mash potatoes. Plus I saw Greg's brothers who I haven't seen in forever and love.

I'm still sick but my throat no longer hurts its my nose. Its stuffy and drips and every time I breathe heavily out of my nose, snot comes out. Tis nasty. Just thought I'd share, cause I lurve everyone.

I'm now going to party like its 1999.